Plot Summary

    Dates is a witty, sexy and emotional drama series about people on dates. In bars, restaurants, galleries and bedrooms, lives are intertwined when characters like Stephen (Ben Chaplin:The Thin Red Line), a charming and good-looking thirtysomething surgeon, meets Mia (Oona Chaplin:Game of Thrones), a heartbreakingly beautiful lost soul in her 20s.

    From Bryan Elsley, the creator of the award-winning series Skins and also starring Will Mellor (Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps), Gemma Chan (Fresh Meat) and Sheridan Smith (Mrs. Biggs), Dates reveals the complicated and hilarious ways people interact on their quest to find love.

    Hell on Wheels Season 4

    Plot Summary

    Following the brutal winter of 1868, the railroad is at a standstill and restless workers wreak havoc on Cheyenne. Cullen Bohannon is trapped in a fort with a pregnant wife and the Swede. Thomas Durant is broke and Elam Ferguson is presumed dead. The task of uniting America by rail remains undone and the costs and consequences are rising, for everyone.

    Rectify Season 2

    Plot Summary

    Janet and Amantha sit with a badly beaten and unconscious Daniel in an Atlanta hospital, fearing he won’t survive the brutal attack he suffered. Tawney prays for Daniel’s recovery, but a conversation with her mother-in-law leaves Tawney feeling guilty about her close friendship with Daniel. Ted, Jr. struggles to recover from an earlier encounter with Daniel, while hiding the bruises from Tawney.  Ted Sr. insists Teddy’s presence would comfort Janet, but when Teddy stops by the hospital, he finds himself trapped with a suspicious Amantha. Sheriff Daggett investigates Daniel’s beating, despite the likely fallout from colleagues and citizens who feel Daniel got what he deserved.  In his coma, Daniel hallucinates he’s back on death row, visiting with Kerwin, and wonders if it wouldn’t just be simpler if he, like Kerwin, were dead.


    Plot Summary

    Pride tells the incredible true story of a Welsh mining community struggling to make ends meet during the 1984 miners’ strike, when hope arrives with the unlikeliest of allies – a group of gay and lesbian activists who decide to raise money for the miners.

    A rousing British crowd-pleaser in the spirit of Billy Elliot and The Full Monty, starring Bill Nighy and Imelda Staunton, Pride is a funny, affecting and truly inspiring film about two seemingly opposite communities who unite to form an extraordinary bond. 

    Better Living Through Chemistry

    Plot Summary

    Meet small town pharmacist Doug Varney (Sam Rockwell). Soft in the middle, henpecked by his Type-A wife (Michelle Monaghan), Doug is sleepwalking through life, wishing things could change but doing nothing about it. He arrives at his place of employment, Bishop's Pharmacy, on a beautiful square in downtown Woodbury, where he's taking over the business from his father in law. Walter Bishop (Ken Howard), is a gruff know-it-all who doesn't think much of Doug, when he thinks of him at all. Doug does what a local pharmacist does, filling prescriptions, consulting with patients, and trying to manage his two dimwitted staffers--checkout girl Janet (Jenn Harris) and delivery guy Noah (Ben Schwartz). But Doug's whole life changes when he's forced to make a delivery run and ends up at the magnificent home of Elizabeth Roberts (Olivia Wilde). A lonely, beautiful trophy wife, Elizabeth is trapped in her surroundings, much as Doug has been. Yet, despite being from different worlds, there's instantaneous chemistry between them and when she drunkenly kisses Doug during their first meeting, a whole new avenue opens up for him.

    The Missing Season 1

    Plot Summary

    A small boy was taken from his family.
    A marriage fell apart.
    A police officer lost hope.
    A father searches on…

    When five year-old Oliver is snatched from his family while on holiday in France, it sets off a manhunt that will last for years and years to come. The Missing takes you inside the mind of a father, desperate to find his lost son. Told through a delicate and complex narrative that reflects the fractured and frantic battle for a lost child, a lost marriage and a lost life, The Missing is a chilling, resonant and heartbreaking drama of a life consumed by hope and the conviction of love, loss and truth.

    A poignant narrative puzzle with twists and turns at every stage, The Missing follows Tony, a man who will do whatever it takes to find his missing child. Tony’s exhaustive search fractures his marriage to Emily and threatens to destroy his life. Julien, the French police detective who launched the initial search for the child, also cannot shake the small belief that he may still be alive. This gripping relationship thriller is told over two time frames, simultaneously, in two countries. Exploring the emotional cost of obsession, hope and finding when to let go, this thrilling drama shows the impact of a child’s abduction. 

    The Love Punch

    Plot Summary

    Retirement at last! Middle aged and divorced, company owner Richard Jones is looking forward to a worry-free existence as he arrives at his office on his last day of work. Much to his dismay, he discovers that the management buyout of his company was fraudulent. The company is now bankrupt and the employee pension fund - including his own - has been embezzled. Enlisting the help of his ex-wife Kate, Richard sets out to track down the shady business man behind this, Vincent Kruger. Before they know it, Richard and Kate are caught up in a cat and mouse caper across Europe in a whirlwind of intrigue, mad chases and jewelry theft during which they rekindle their romance.

    What If?

    Plot Summary

    Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) and Chantry (Zoe Kazan) meet at a party while reading refrigerator magnet poetry and find that they have great friends. They form a relationship in which they talk about everything from movies to illnesses to disappointing Christmas presents.  It’s heavy interest at first sight but there is a problem—Chantry has a serious boyfriend.
    Wallace falls hard for Chantry and Chantry must deal with her growing feelings for Wallace. Should friendship be squashed due to budding romantic influences or can they control their desire to simply enjoy the benefits of a platonic relationship.
    Told through their many meetings over the course of a year and interwoven with both Wallace and Chantry’s hyperactive imagination, the film hilariously demonstrates the complications of timing.  All of their insecurities, regrets and victories are exposed. 

    Son of a Gun

    Plot Summary

    An edge-of-your-seat heist thriller starring Ewan McGregor and talented newcomer Brenton Thwaites, Son of a Gun tells the story of a young man who is drawn into the lawless world of a notorious criminal. While locked up for a minor offence, 19-yr-old JR (Thwaites) becomes apprentice to the enigmatic Brendan Lynch (McGregor), a calculating crime boss with connections both inside and out.

    After helping Lynch and his crew orchestrate a daring prison escape, JR is invited to join in on their next job – a high stakes heist that promises to deliver millions. But as they plan the heist, JR begins to suspect he is being played and soon finds himself on a collision course with his mentor in a very dangerous game. The impressive debut feature of Australian writer/director Julius Avery, this taut psychological thriller, both artful and laced with action, palpably gets under your skin.

    The Little Death

    Plot Summary

    A comedy about sex, love, relationships and taboo, The Little Death is a laugh-out-loud funny, honest and ultimately moving look at the secret sex lives of five ordinary couples. Maeve has a dangerous sexual fantasy that Paul struggles to fulfill, Evie and Dan reignite their spark with role-play, Rowena discovers she finds pleasure in her husband Richard’s pain, while Phil finds a newfound love for his wife Maureen in her quieter moments, and Monica and Sam become caught up in a dirty and chaotic phone call. Writer/Director Josh Lawson brings together an ensemble of Australia’s finest talent to explore the strange, hilarious and sometimes disastrous places our desire can take us in pursuit of that fleeting moment of sexual ecstasy; a moment the French call ‘la petite mort’ – the little death.