Into the Badlands Season 1

New Release

Plot Summary

Centuries from now, civilisation as we know it has ceased to exist, and a feudal society has emerged in what was once the American Midwest. This area, now known as the Badlands, is uneasily divided among seven rival Barons who enforce their iron rule with the aid of loyal armies of trained assassins known as Clippers.

When Sunny (Daniel Wu), the head Clipper and trusted advisor to the Badlands’ most powerful Baron, rescues a mysterious teenager named M.K. (Aramis Knight) from an ambush, he soon learns the teen harbours a dark secret and a hefty bounty on his head. Together they will embark on an odyssey that could mean the difference between chaos and enlightenment for everyone in the Badlands.


Daniel Wu, Nick Frost, Marton Csokas, Orla Brady, Sarah Bolger, Emily Beecham, Aramis Knight