Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom: Holly's Magic Wand

    Plot Summary

    Whoops, Holly has accidentally turned Ben into a frog. How will she fix it?
    Holly has lost her magic wand. Can Ben help her find it?
    Daisy and Poppy get up to all sorts of mischief.
    Join Ben and Holly for lots of magical fun and exciting adventures in the Little Kingdom.

    01. Holly's Magic Wand
    02. Gaston the Ladybird
    03. The Royal Fairy Picnic
    04. The Elf Farm
    05. Daisy and Poppy
    06. The Lost Egg
    07. Queen Thistle's Teapot
    08. The Frog Prince
    09. King Thistle is Not Well
    10. Fun and Games
    11. The King's Busy Day

    Peppa Pig: Balloon Ride

    Plot Summary

      Peppa Pig follows the hilarious adventures of Peppa, a loveable little piggy, her family, and all of her animal friends, including Suzy Sheep, Pedro Pony, Danny Dog and more. Peppa loves playing games and making new friends, but her absolute favorite thing is jumping up and down in muddy puddles!

      01. The Ballon Ride
      02. George Catches a Cold
      03. Rebecca Rabbit
      04. Grandpa's Little Train
      05. Painting
      06. Ice Skating
      07. Dens
      08. The Baby Piggy
      09. The Cycle Ride
      10. George's Birthday

    Roald Dahl's Esio Trot

    Plot Summary

    A magical, warm–hearted family film with universal appeal Mr. Hoppy, a retired bachelor, harbors a secret passion for his neighbor, the lovely Mrs. Silver. Unfortunately, she lavishes all her affection on another... Alfie, her pet tortoise.
    Mr. Hoppy yearns to talk to Mrs. Silver, but tongue-tied and shy, his attempts always end in disaster. And when Mr. Pringle, a boorish next-door neighbor, asks Mrs. Silver out on a date, Mr. Hoppy’s world falls apart. Mrs. Silver’s greatest wish is for her tortoise Alfie to grow a little bigger. All is lost for Mr. Hoppy until he has the brightest and most devious of ideas.
    Mr. Hoppy’s wildly ingenious plot to defeat his rival and win the love of his lady will delight and amaze, involving a cryptic riddle and no fewer than a hundred and forty tortoises, large and small.